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Jessica Hill

Do you often eat out? Maybe every day? Then you know a restaurant is no place to improve your health, uncover your abs or bolster your savings plan. Why don’t you try something new and plan to eat better?

  1. Decide on at least one meal you are going to make each day so you can buy the ingredients beforehand. You can do this a week ahead or even the same day, but if you know what you are going to make or have it ready-to-heat at home it is easier to pass your favorite pizza place.
  2. Assign simpler meals to days when you know you’ll be busier. You’d be surprised by the array of tasty meals you can make in 10 minutes. Try a Google search such as quick, healthy recipes.
  3. If you hate cutting vegetables or just want to save time, buy them pre-cut in the frozen food section.
  4. Buy multi-purpose foods such as brown rice, black beans and canned tomatoes, all of which can be used in a variety of recipes.
  5. Cook three or four recipes at once and freeze them in ready-to-heat containers. This way, an hour or two on a Sunday solves your dinner plans for the week.