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Jessica Hill

What do you get when you Crossfit a Barre with Krav Maga? Three of the hottest exercise trends about which you might not know anything, but if you want a new way to stay in shape this year…maybe it’s time you try something you’ve never done before…

Crossfit is intense. The approach is how much can you lift in how much time with proper form. The workouts focus around functional movements such as deadlifts, squats, pull ups, etc. which involve large muscle groups. The aim is to improve strength, endurance and flexibility with the added element of competing against yourself and others. So, if you are competitive, already in shape and don’t have a history of injuries, this may be a fit for you.

Krav Maga is a little out of the box, but I’m including it as an option you may not have thought of before. If you’ve seen an action movie, such as any in the Jason Bourne series you’ve seen this Israeli-born self-defense system. Developed for the military, this hybrid blends techniques from boxing, martial arts and wrestling for aggressive fighting. Sure, the fighting may not be for everyone, but many of the studios also offer strength and conditioning classes.
Barre-style classes range from mat work to flexibility work on the barre to sculpting with weights. You might think of it as a combination of pilates and ballet. This whole-body workout is adaptable to any fitness level, but don’t be surprised if it is harder than you think.

Hot yoga is a well-known style of yoga practiced in a heated room in order to facilitate flexibility and detoxification. The studio and the style of hot yoga may determine whether you are practicing in a room from 90 or 102 degrees. Also, the pace and variety of poses will vary from class to class. If you are a beginner, try a restorative class or be humble enough to lie down if you need a break. Power, flow and Bikram-series classes are challenging and make sure you bring water to class.

Boot camp comes in all forms but is often a blend of cardio, strength training, flexibility work, yoga and boxing. The classes are generally open to all levels, but pay attention to your form.