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Blog Blog features the latest fitness and clean eating advice from John Holley, MS, CSCS. Blogs focus on exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and getting the most out of your workouts.


John Holley

You say you’re too busy to take care of yourself? Do you have 10 seconds to spare? If you feel crazy, do you have 10 minutes to invest in your health? Take a look at the best ways in which you can make the most of those precious 10 seconds or 10 minutes:


1.     Laugh at a joke, a funny picture on Instagram, with a friend or at yourself and relieve stress, elevate your mood and boost your immunity.

2.     Breathe in and out deeply with your eyes closed and you’ll find the calm and the focus you need to tackle whatever may be in front of you.

3.     Improve your posture by looking up from your work, rolling your shoulders back and down and lifting your chest. You’ll be able to continue your work with more energy and your shoulders and low back will thank you.

4.     Smile at a friend, a co-worker, a stranger or no one in particular and lift your mood.

5.      Move. Get away from your desk, stare out the window or drop and give me 10 pushups. Whatever you were doing will be there in 10 seconds.


1.     Meditate in any way which suits you. This can range from sitting in silence while observing your thoughts to a more formal practice with a mantra.

2.     Chew gum in order to take the edge off your attitude or your mood. Of course, fresh breath is always a good thing.

3.     Walk around the block. Three 10 minute walks a day can deliver the same benefits as one 30 minute session, but might be easier to fit in your day.

4.     Write down your thoughts, feelings or ideas whenever you feel overwhelmed or inspired. You don’t even need a leather journal.

5.     HIT or high intensity training can deliver a heart-pounding, sweaty workout. Try my 10 GOOD ONES under workouts or two rounds of these five moves for 50 seconds with 10 seconds rest:

Mountain climber

Jumping jacks


Squat jumps