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John Holley

Before investing in a quality pair of running or athletic shoes, make sure you wear them.

This may sound obvious, but actually running in a running shoe, jumping in a basketball

shoe or moving in several directions in a cross trainer is essential in knowing if it is the

right shoe. When you are trying the shoes out, look for these five qualities:

1. Your fit should be snug, but not tight. That is, you should not feel constriction or

pinching anywhere, but the shoe should not slide either.

2. When determining the proper length of your shoe, place your thumb between the

end of your big toe and the tip of the shoe. The width of your thumb should fit

between this space.

3. Your heel should be snug against the back of the shoe.

4. The upper part of the shoe should be snug and never rub your ankles when the

shoe is tied.

5. Remember, it is your money and your health on the line, so insist upon trying the

shoe before buying.