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Blog Blog features the latest fitness and clean eating advice from John Holley, MS, CSCS. Blogs focus on exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and getting the most out of your workouts.


John Holley

Can you describe what an apple tastes like? What is the texture of a sweet potato? What does the smell of baked chicken bring to mind? Too often a busy day leads to mindless eating, which means you might not remember how much you ate or even what you ate at your last meal, or while sitting at your desk or in the car. If you have a goal of losing weight, or improving your health or becoming more present, start with the manner in which you nourish yourself.


Slow down by chewing eat bite slowly and you’ll find more flavor and more satisfaction from the food you eat.

Be hungry when you eat. Eating at regular intervals is a good way to maintain your energy and avoid overeating, but be aware of whether or not you are hungry or simply eating out of habit or boredom.

Understand your cravings by allowing each one to arise and pass. I’m not saying you can’t satisfy the craving, but do so with awareness.

Be satisfied but not stuffed. The Japanese practice of hara hachi bu encourages eating in moderation. In Ayurveda, the rule is to fill the stomach with one-half food and one-quarter liquid.

Be grateful for the nourishment you are enjoying. Whether you pray or not, awareness of the texture, smell and sound of the food you eat is central to conscious eating.

If you'd like to know more about how mindful eating aids weight loss, check out John's latest book, MINDFUL WEIGHT LOSS.