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John Holley

There is no great revelation in the words, "Life is change." Whether it is forced upon you or you actively seek it, things are going to change. The question is how are you going to react? Are you going to be dragged along by your collar, or are you going to lead? This is true whether we are talking about socio-political changes, economic changes or the health-related changes you will experience over your lifetime.

Here are a few points to keep in mind as you approach change:

1. Be open to every possibility. You won't always be in a position to choose how you have to adapt in response to life. I am facing surgery for an inguinal hernia and am readying myself for the 6 to 8 week recovery period. In preparation for a change in my activity level, I am learning everything I can about hernias (really, ask me anything) and what kind of movement will not jeopardize my recovery. Swimming, cardiovascular exercise and some body weight exercises are on the approved list. The funny thing is, I've been thinking about returning to the pool more often, but just haven't done it yet. Well, I'm about to dive in.

2. Follow your instincts and do what you love. This may sound obvious, but then why are we so slow to follow the persistent promptings which come to us? Exercise is something we all "know" we should do on a regular basis. In fact, the most consistent exercisers are those who do what they enjoy. It doesn't have to be some formal program at a gym or training studio, but it can be the simple act of gardening, taking a walk or cleaning your house. All activity counts toward your good health.

3. Release your personal history. I love the Dr. Wayne Dyer metaphor about the past: Imagine you are navigating a boat. You are at the wheel and looking forward over the bow to where you are going. Where you are going is ahead of you and where you've been is only visible because of the wake left behind by the boat. What's driving the boat? It's certainly not the wake behind the boat.

4. Embrace that which strengthens you. Just like doing what you love is a key to consistent action, giving yourself affirming activities, surrounding yourself with upbeat people and partaking of positive media strengthens you. Change is not easy, especially at the beginning, so find encouragement where you can. Look for groups of like-minded souls on a similar path, join your fit and happy co-worker on a lunchtime walk or do an internet search for positive blogs, podcasts or books. Every little bit counts as you lay the foundation for an even better you.