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John Holley

I’m sure you’ve heard of the experiments, in which a rat learns to negotiate a maze in order to get a pellet of food. The rat’s simple, learned behavior is rewarded. Yet, over time, the same reward loses its novelty and may be ignored by the rat. The rat loses interest in performing the same task, so a new reward needs to be introduced, if the scientists are to elicit the behavior.

Your brain is quite a bit bigger than a rat’s, but the principle holds true for you (and me): doing the same thing over and over again for the same payoff gets old and you lose interest. The trouble is you don’t have a benevolent scientist who recognizes your less-than-enthusiastic behavior and gives you a new reward. Usually what happens is you simply push through the boredom and make due because “it is what it is.”  

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Attributed to Albert Einstein

And the years go by…yesterday, tomorrow, next Tuesday and next April are all the same unless you do something different. Now. This moment is all you really have and the price of now is your life in this instant. You can choose to change your mind, and that change may lead to a change in your job or your relationship or simply in a better attitude about your current situation. Furthermore, when you change your viewpoint about who you are and what you are capable (worthy) of, then the good stuff starts.

What is the price you are paying for now? Is chocolate really so good that eating another pint of ice cream is worth the regret and the tight jeans later? Is another binge-watching session on NetFlix worth not knowing your son is struggling with a bully at school? What’s the cost of an hour spent on Facebook indulging in envy and judgment about what everyone else is doing? If you pay nothing forward to the future you, you get nothing in return.

You see, the price of now is your life. You are either adding value to this moment and your future possibilities or you are deducting time and opportunity from the life you truly desire. What price are you willing to pay?

You get there by realizing you are there already.

Eckhart Tolle