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John Holley

I recently purchased a Fitbit ( ) and I am on a mission to wear it for 30 days and nights. Many of my clients wear one and have for a long time, but is it anything more than fitness jewelry? I mean, what is all the hype is about when it comes to wearables? Can I use it to improve my health and fitness? This is what I've found:


1. Track more than your steps. The main feature of most wearables is the step tracking feature, but you can do that with a 10 dollar pedometer. Start by inputting your goal weight and track your food for a week to see if you are over or under-eating. Monitor your water intake to ensure you get the 64 ounces (minimum) you need each day. Or, simply set a goal to be active for 30 minutes every day.

2. Set small goals. 10,000 steps is a great goal and the little buzz the Fitbit gives you when you reach that mark is satisfying, but if that seems overwhelming...start with 5,000 steps a day. Reach that goal and set the bar higher...step by step.

3. Watch the servings. When you enter your food into the daily log or an app you've connected to device, make sure the serving size is correct. For instance, if you had oatmeal for breakfast, the Fitbit defaults to 1 cup of oatmeal. How much did you eat?

4. Pay attention to the results. You've increased your steps every day for a month, you track your food religiously and you can tell me when you went to the gym last Is it working? Are you getting the results you desire?

5. Use it! Whether you have a Fitbit, an iWatch or a Xiaomi, you have to use it!