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Blog Blog features the latest fitness and clean eating advice from John Holley, MS, CSCS. Blogs focus on exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and getting the most out of your workouts.


John Holley

This last installment of our Better Every Day series asks, what's next? No matter how long you've been exercising and eating right, you're not finished. This is a lifelong journey and requires you to accept the changes which will come your way, adapt to these new realities and allow yourself the time to adjust. The most important thing is to find a way to keep moving!


Focus on the way different foods make you feel. Are you energized after drinking a smoothie or eating a chicken breast? Do you ever feel a craving for carbs, eat them, and then feel lethargic? Observing how food affects your energy level, and even mood, can teach you how to use it for your benefit.


A great way to control what you eat at work is to make the choices beforehand and bring much of your food with you. This takes the temptation of restaurants, convenience stores and the vending machine out of the equation. However, if finding time to put together a lunch and snacks before each workday is a challenge, try preparing and freezing each day’s food the weekend before. Then it will be done for the week and you’ll have one less thing to do at 7am.


Once you meet your fitness goal, what will your new goal be? It could be as simple as maintaining your weight, or you might want to consider completing a 10K or entering another competitive event. Another approach is to promise yourself (in writing) you will exercise every day. Always having a concrete goal is another key to maintaining your fitness level.