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Nashville, TN

Be Move Live is your home for fitness and clean eating.


John Holley MS, CSCS, PES has worked for over a decade as a personal trainer, boot camp and yoga instructor, corporate wellness leader and presenter on health and fitness. He has worked with people from all walks of life to optimize their health through proper nutrition, exercise and positive lifestyle changes. Athletes, children and men and women who want to improve their performance, feel better and look great work with John to change their lives.

5 ESSENTIAL WORKOUTS: Perform Better Every Day


5 ESSENTIAL WORKOUTS: Perform Better Every Day


5 ESSENTIAL WORKOUTS is your guide to a lifetime of fitness.

You move in so many ways everyday: walking, bending, lifting, twisting, pulling and climbing all require you to have coordination, balance and strength. Increasing your strength makes it easier to pick up a bag of groceries, wrestle with your son, or simply get out of bed. Improving your coordination and balance will protect against sudden falls or allow you to use your foot to open a door if your arms are full of groceries.  If you want to perform better every day, you need 5 ESSENTIAL WORKOUTS.

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